Our advice in the field of company law begins with assistance in the choice of the suitable legal form for entrepreneurial activities or, as the case may be, the forms available for bundling strategic/financial investors. Furthermore, it covers both the formation phase and subsequent structural entrepreneurial measures, e.g. in the form of conversions, mergers or spin-offs, likewise advice on the co-operation between undertakings ranging from co-operation based on contract to independent legal personalities within a joint venture company. Naturally we also offer the related tax advice.

We assist our clients in structuring supervisory or advisory boards, including the drafting of principles for good Corporate Governance, and advice on shareholders and general meetings. Traditionally, medium-sized and larger companies gladly appoint members of our firm to serve as members of their supervisory boards.

Advice in the field of company law means more to us than merely drafting contracts, but also includes the assertion of rights in court. In addition, we advise on the liability of managing directors and management board members as well as supervisory/advisory board members.


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