Our work in the field of labour law rounds off our offer of legal advice for business undertakings. Traditionally we mostly represent the employer.

Our advice on labour law and our forensic work covers not only individual labour law, but also the provisions of collective labour law.

Our professional services mainly concern the drafting of employment contracts for management board members, managing directors and employees, including profit shares, commissions and bonuses, professional advice on termination and dismissal, including the preparation of social plans, the creation of employee participation models, advice on the labour law aspects of the formation of companies and the conversion of legal form, as well as negotiations with works councils in the context of employee co-determination. Finally, we also represent our clients in any litigation before the labour courts, especially regarding protection against dismissal and related law suits. Here we are involved already in the preparatory measures, e.g. in formulating letters giving the works council an opportunity to make a statement, notices to terminate, or agreements to cancel employment contracts.


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