Our advice on tax law primarily concerns the organizational options available at the national and international levels to undertakings of any legal form, entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals, as well as the implementation of the preferred solution. In doing so, our approach is to provide a solution which will on the one hand keep the tax burdens as low as possible but will on the other hand also be accepted by the tax authorities. This approach gives our clients the benefit of the lowest possible tax burden and consultancy costs. As a part of our advice on the implementation of new structures, we assist our clients in tax audits, negotiate with the tax authorities, and pursue legal remedies in court and out of court.

Furthermore, we offer the entire spectrum of tax compliance, including the preparation of tax balance sheets and declarations, advice on wage tax and social insurance, as well as financial and pay roll accountancy.

In the area of accounting, we provide advice and prepare expert opinions on all issues relating to the disclosure and valuation of assets under national (German Commercial Code) and international (IAS/IFRS) accounting law. We prepare accounts for all phases in the life of a company:

  • start-up and opening balance sheets;
  • interim and annual financial statements;
  • complementary balance sheet in case of capital increase;
  • conversion balance sheets in case of mergers, spin-offs etc.;
  • settlement, physical partitioning and winding-down balance sheets;
  • over-indebtedness status, reorganization or insolvency or liquidation accounting.


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